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kirkacevedofans's Journal

Kirk Acevedo Fans
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the kirk effect
Welcome to kirkacevedofans, your LJ source for everything Kirk Acevedo.

Kirk Acevedo Fans is a new LJ community about Kirk Acevedo and for his fans. We're going to try to keep you updated on all important facts and news about Kirk. We have some basic rules so please read them. Join, comment, post and enjoy your stay!

This is a community for fans, so please no bashing of Kirk, his family and friends or his fans. You're welcome to express your opinion but please keep it polite.

• When posting news or photos, please remember to credit the original source;
• Make sure the news is about Kirk or one of his projects;
• All spoilers and news containing spoilers must be put under a lj-cut and a spoiler warning has to be given outside the cut!
• Please tag your posts using the existing tags. If there's not right tag for your post, mods will creat new tag and add it for you.
• For now posting to this community is moderated.

• All graphics posted in this community have to be of Kirk or one of his characters;
• All posts of more than 3 icons or bigger graphics (banners, headers, etc.) must be put under a cut.

charlie_olivia, fringe_graphics, rare_fringe, heiglfans sedgwick_fans
If you'd like to affiliate with this community please comment here.
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